Fort Courage

Fort Courage, our oldest scenario field, is waiting for you. This field has been rebuilt several times over the years but it just gets better with age. The frontier style outpost offers plenty of walls, bunkers, and even a two story structure.


Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare provides fast paced, up close, adrenaline pumping action from start to finish. Fight your way through No Man’s Land while weaving through over 1,700 feet of continuous trenches littered with sandbag bunkers. Capture the flag at the center of the field and then break through your opponents strong hold to win the battle.



Kamikaze’s diverse terrain sets it apart from every other field at Pocono Mountain Paintabll. There are dirt mounds, a long trench, and a large horseshoe shaped hill all contained within open hard woods and brushy thickets. This field plays best with traditional capture the flag or a center hang game.