Here you will find a variety of forms and resources designed to make your trip planning easier. They are all available as downloadable PDF files. To download and view these files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer, you can do so for free at the Acrobat Download website.


  1.  PMP Paintball Full-color Brochure 

Red Rock Cafe Menu

  1. Red Rock Cafe Menu 

Group Organizer Kit

  1. What to Bring
  2. Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Paintball fliers that you can post, email, or distribute
  4. PaintballGroup Registration and Payment Record

Release Forms

  1. Paintball Release Form – All Paintball Players & Spectators have to sign a release form. If someone is under the age of 18 then they must have a legal guardian sign a release form. You can print them off here and have the legal guardian sign them.
  2.  Pocono Mountain Paintball Rules & Player Responsibility  – All Paintball Players & Spectators must read, agree to, and abide by this list of PMP rules and Player Responsibilities.
  3. National Paintball Association Medical Permission Form – A National Paintball Association Medical Permission Form must be completed and signed by a legal guardian for any Paintball player under the age of 18. You can print them off here and have the legal guardian sign them.
  4.  Ziplining Release of Liability Waiver.  You can download the Ziplining Release of Liability Waiver here. All participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and have a parent or legal guardian’s signature on their Release of Liability Waiver.